Pride to be an MVP

(cette page en français)

It probably won't change the face of the free world (or the other world), but I'm now a member of Embarcadero's MVP program and it's good for my ego.

For those of you reading this, it won't change any thing. I'll continue to post technical info here and will probably be working on a series of training videos in a few weeks' time.

For me, this means a lot because it's a form of recognition and it will give more visibility to my participation in making the world of developers more Pascalian and Delphiesque.

I've made a few adjustments to the site's presentation and added this page to introduce myself a little more. The photo dates back to 2011, when I still had a wall or two of computer books at home, before I threw them all away when I moved out of my Parisian home in Père Lachaise.

And to close this short post, I'd like to thank Maxime Capellot for suggesting it, Jim McKeeth for validating it so quickly, Marco Cantu, Dr Bob and David I (my idol) for nurturing my thoughts on Delphi and Pascal for so long, Thierry Laborde (not the BNP guy, our guy) for encouraging me to take another look at Delphi when the XE came out, my teachers at the IUT Informatique d'Aix en Provence (in particular Marc Laporte and Didier Mathieu) for introducing me to Turbo Pascal 4 back in the day (before I switched to ADA for algorithm courses) and Philippe Kahn (and his teams), without whom none of this would have happened.

New logo to brighten things up...

PS : This text was translated from the french version with which I use (too) often and recommand.

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